VMWare Workstation 10 UI Freeze, Conflict with Background Updaters


VMWare Workstation 10’s first public version (10.0.0 build-1295980) has a known conflict with some background updater applications.

The symptom of this issue is after starting up VMWare Workstation 10 main UI, the UI freezes after about 10-20 seconds.


From a VMWare Forum post Workstation 10 crashing, I downloaded a test application ‘conflict_test.exe’ and ran it on my system, it detected the conflict is between VMWare Workstation 10 and the Evernote Updater:

Conflict Test VMWare Station 10


Kill the Evernote process just worked, no VMWare Workstation 10 UI freeze again.

In that post, several users report the VMWare Workstation 10 had conflicts with their smart phone updater application. VMWare staff mentioned they had aware this issue and it will be covered in next release.

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